My Journey into Personal Mobility

<a href="" title="Morning Ride on East Coast Park by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Morning Ride on East Coast Park" class="img-center" /></a>
My new job at <a href="">Temasek Polytechnic</a> has brought me home to the eastern part of Singapore after 4 years of working in the west. After discovering that the park connectors took me almost all the way there, I decided to move away from public transportation and worked out a way to ride to work.
Thank you <strong>so so much</strong> <a href="">NParks</a>!
I dusted off an old bike I've had for a number of years, took it to Song Seng Chan bicycle shop in Joo Chiat and retrofitted it with a comfortable seat, lights, a bell, an airhorn and slicks (tires for road, rather than off-road). The ride to the new workplace is extremely comfortable and relatively safe. It's also a good 15 minutes faster than the sinuous bus route.
Wanting to get a second bike so that Faith and I could go riding together, I opted to buy a 3rd hand Dahon mu SL, which was a stretch over my budget, especially given the fact it would be my first foldable bicycle.
What can I say, I'm so smitten with riding around Singapore, and the bicycles have opened up a whole new world. The park connectors are a godsend, though the Kallang one is undergoing some work and gave me a thorough workout having to carry my heavier bicycle with packed bags up 3 tall overhead bridges. But I'm thankful that Singapore is shaping up to be a real garden city if we bike commuters do our homework before setting out. Busy roads are still a tad dangerous and Singaporean drivers aren't known for their compassion or grace.
The mu SL, being a foldie, offers a great amount of freedom. I can now choose to ride one-way, pack the bike in the boot of a taxi on the return leg or take the train to a faraway destination (yes I'm romantising our tiny island, but give me that little stretch of imagination will you) and hit the road on the 2-wheeler.
Riding around has given me a better appreciation of what we have here. Great weather, pretty good amenities and flat terrain.
Watching Singapore open her sleepy eyes at dawn and wind down in the golden light of dusk &mdash; it's easy to fall in love.

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