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It's the end of week one here at the new workplace. I've so many ideas, and the environment seems so perfectly charged to create amazing things. As with any workplace, we will inevitably meet the boundaries of what can be done, but it is in these constraints that we find a definition in design. Contrary to popular belief, total freedom is detrimental to design; the lack of constraints represents a lack of problems, and design is meant to solve problems.
That's my design philosophy anyway, and I'm hoping to bring a little more structure into this fantastically creative team. It's ironic that my previous job at <a href="">MOE</a> was bringing creativity into an overly (my opinion, anyway) structured environment. The time there has really helped solidify what I do, and I will always be grateful for the 4+ years spent there.
Guess I've jumped a little ahead of myself.
I've joined <a href="">Temasek Polytechnic</a>'s corporate communications team and will be overseeing most online communication efforts. My first mountain of tasks involve an overhaul of the online communication infrastructure. Content will likely be migrated across servers, central online services set up and put into play, the establishing of some formal processes &mdash; stuff most folks won't think of as fun, but necessary for a robust platform for some flat-out gorgeous storytelling.
It's the calm before the storm here at <abbr title="Temasek Polytechnic">TP</abbr>. The school term officially starts near end-April, but you can almost feel a tangible energy in the air. Some freshmen orientation programmes have begun, and it has been so liberating to be able to run down the hallways, Canon G9 in hand, and casually filming the power and volume of youth.
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The school is located next to Bedok Reservoir. I've always remembered it as a drab gravel-covered path around a body of water we were forced to run around once a year during my secondary school's annual cross-country run. But oh my goodness, the <a href="">reservoir is gorgeous</a>. <abbr title="Temasek Polytechnic">TP</abbr>'s rowing teams train in the water and there's a huge regatta next Friday marking the end of the freshmen orientations.
The talent and tapestry is so extremely rich here at Temasek Poly. I'm truly blessed to be able to capture and tell the many stories crafted here in this oasis.

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