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A few hours ago, exactly 5 years from that moment, <a href="/archives/2005/04/a-new-beginning-2.php">Faith's waterbag broke</a> and Anne was born. I remember very distinctly those first few nights, totally unsure if I could last a single week of this incessant wailing, I penned down "<a href="">Surviving Day Three</a>", a post of utter exasperation and fatigue.
This evening as I sat beside her, Anne asked, "How was your work?" My little daughter is now taking care of me, and everything &mdash; all the hair-pulling and sleep deprivation &mdash; is forgiven.
My daughter loves me, and that is God's grace made sufficient for me.
A few hours from now, exactly 2 years ago, Faith's <a href="/archives/2008/04/were-off.php">waterbag broke</a>. In the midst of epidural that didn't work, <a href="/coming-of-caleb.php">Caleb was born</a>. Truth be told, it took me a while to get to know and love Anne. I wasn't sure if I had a heart big enough for both my kids. And over the last 2 years, in his own bumbly way, Caleb bowled us all over with his smile.
Tonight he read the words "bus", "apple", "orange", "nose", "ears", "banana" and "hand" off his flashcards, learning a new word ("toe").
Faith and I constantly look in amazement. There's a little twang that comes with the reminder of how quickly they're growing up, and that every moment lost is a moment lost forever.
I wish I wrote more, photographed more, tasted more, loved more, breathed in more of life. And I wish words were better suited to articulated the fullness that God has laid therein.
God watch over you, my two little ones.

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