Your Orientation, My Orientation

It's been a while since I was in school, but I remember those days as the absolute best in my life. There's a camaraderie you will only ever find in school. It is untainted by the hidden agendas brought about by status and station in life. Everyone is a student on this transient journey of self-discovery.
So when I took up the camera to document <a href="">Temasek Polytechnic</a>'s Freshmen Orientation, it was hard not to be drawn into the sheer energy of youth; exhibited in bold cheers as students of the six different schools within the Polytechnic rallied around their collective identities.
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What the freshmen didn't know was that while I was documenting their induction, I was learning about the institution I had become a part of only one week before. For the first time, I saw the students perform the <a href="">traditional mass dance</a> and <a href="">go absolutely nuts cheering on their dragonboat team</a>.
In the midst of the screaming, the shouting, and the tears they shed after orientation ended, I remember thinking to myself: there's something special here.
There's something special here.

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