<a href="" title="Photo of Raymond's Dad by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="160" height="240" alt="Raymond's Dad" class="img-right"/></a>Raymond's Dad passed away last week. I had only met the man once, at Raymond's wedding. Raymond very proudly told all his guests how his dad built the ice-cream cart they used to serve ice-cream by hand, and also the small trolley a <a href="">little dog</a> would sit on, carrying the wedding bands up the aisle. I remember all this so clearly because Raymond's dad reminded me of my dad.
In this new-fangled world filled with technology to connect people, we are inundated with text messages, emails, tweets, RSS feeds we need to read, Instapaper and links on <a href="">Delicious</a>, every one vying for our attention. In return, we are producing an equal amount of curated garbage via our phones, laptops and iPads.
And somewhere in this mad, mad world, you have these people who seem totally unaffected. The most beautiful part about them is that they speak loudest with their hands, and their actions cut through all the din, all the smoke, ringing like a bell that speaks directly to our heart.
In my parents house, Dad sits at the dinner table, continually peeling all manner of shellfish. It is no secret that my mother has the luxury of not knowing what the shell of a crab looks like – Dad tirelessly makes sure that all family members seated within arm's reach of him receive food and fruit that is meticulously prepared for hassle-free consumption.
Dad is the sort of person whom, after lamenting about how much pocket money you demand, quietly slips his last $50 bill into your wallet or purse while you're asleep. And you only discover it the next day at school.
So when Raymond's father passed on, it hurt to know that one day Dad would as well, and I wanted to write to tell the world that we have amazing fathers.
Because they are the least likely people in the world to write about it themselves.
<a href="" title="Dad's Birthday by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" class="img-center" alt="Dad's Birthday" /></a>

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