<blockquote><p>You seem embarrassed by loneliness…by being alone. It's only a place to start.</p><p><cite>From the movie Sabrina</cite></p></blockquote>
I sometimes wonder why I do this. Sitting here, thousands of miles away from family that loves me, spending my own savings on these trips – these conferences – in the pursuit of learning how I can make things better for the people around me: my employer, my country, maybe the world in which I am but a part of.
My life is more blessed than most. I have a wonderful family who loves me, and I them. I've always found jobs that allow me the latitude, to varying degrees, to redefine my role there so I can be more effective. We don't have much, but we have enough. And then there is a part of me that is in love with melancholy. It is not sadness, but the bittersweet feeling that comes with pensiveness; a state of awareness that only comes about by stepping back and becoming an observer, even if only for a little while. Time to think, to write, to discuss – but quietly and reservedly, not the blaring noise of social media campaigns, but in soft, measured tones by people genuinely concerned that we sit on the cusp of making something better than it is, and worried that we pass this opportunity by because of a multitude of weak reasons.
So join me. Let's see where this road leads.

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