Pause and Give Thanks

Things happen so quickly around here it takes an act of will to put on the brakes, if only to figure out where we are.
Faith and the 2 kids have been battling a wretched cough for a while now. Just the other night, Faith was in a coughing fit. Anne went out of the bedroom and came back with a glass of hot water and handed it to her mother with a small smile. I panicked a little at the thought of the little girl lifting a heavy jug of hot water from a counter a little too high for her and pouring it into a glass. So I hastily told her not to do that by herself again.
Crestfallen, she walked to the corner and wept. Our hearts shattered in a million pieces. Compassion is such a fragile thing and is easily destroyed by cold hard pragmatism. Faith and I held the crying girl until her tears turned to laughter at one of the many jokes I had to spontaneously think up to turn the tide around. I dried her damp cheeks and marveled at the girl God had put into my life.
In the background, Caleb was still jumping up and down on the bed, going "bang bang", pointing at everyone else with the broken toy airplane wing that passed off for a gun.
Faith and I looked at each other. No words were needed.
Only hearts of gratitude.
<a href="" title="IMG_5807.JPG by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Anne and the Polar Bear" class="img-center" /></a>
<a href="" title="Feeding Time by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Feeding Time" class="img-center" /></a>

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