Looking back at the last decade, God has been wondrously kind. Work-wise it has never been about choosing jobs so much as it was subscribing to causes which resonated.
It's been a little more than 2 months at the new gig at the <a href="">National Population and Talent Division</a> and it's been an eye-opener to say the least. Moving out of education was a difficult choice to make – I will always have a very special place for education in my heart. There are few things more important than making sure our children are equipped to deal with the pragmatic, ideological and ethical challenges of the extremely fast-changing landscape before them. My time at the <a href="">Ministry of Education</a> was an absolute blast, and subsequently my stint at <a href="">Temasek Polytechnic</a> gave me the ground-level view of how national education policy met with the sheer vigour and force of youth.
Moving on to the slightly more macro topic of national policy struck a chord deeply because it felt like a necessary step to answer the questions of my generation; we who were born into a Singapore that already existed. The ones responsible for chapter two, so to speak. The questions and challenges that hit home for me, regardless of the day job are the most basic, but I believe I'm not alone.
Who are we, and who do we want to be?
It sounds like an extension of the teenage quest for self-identity, but isn't that where Singapore is as a country? Isn't that the second chapter? Whether we turn out to be cynical xenophobes, global nomads, helpful neighbours or a force for good in the world depends on what we choose to do with our inherited citizenship. It's time we took ownership and worked collaboratively to create an environment worth protecting; one that we can hand over to our children, and proud to have been faithful stewards of.
I'm blessed that this is the day job.

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