Eye on the ball

The wisdom of the crowd is also the madness of the mob.
The power of publishing now made available to everyone who has access to the web, we have been privileged to have shared stories and moments which have uplifted us, such as the community-spirit of the Japanese in the face of natural disaster; and at the exact same moment we are bombarded with inane user-submitted lyrics set to <a href="">Rebecca Black's Friday</a>.
When you throw in the emotional volatility of the Singapore elections things get a little testy. It was extremely disheartening to see how quickly we delved into the pits of tabloid sensationalism right after the PAP announced 27-year-old Ms Tin Pei Ling as one of their new candidates. I can understand the concerns about her being too young to connect with older voters, but why dig up her Facebook photo of her posing with a Kate Spade box? Or insinuate that she got to where she is solely because she is married to a high-flying civil servant?
We vote because we want the best among us to represent us, and to bring out the best in us in order to move us onward as a nation. How we conduct ourselves as voters reveals volumes of who we are as a people, and it is likely that unless we keep our eye on the real social issues before us, we will have wasted our vote and turned the democratic process into nothing more than vain pageantry.

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