My sweetest Faith,
It's been a while since I wrote you because it is easier to just hold you tight and tell you, but I often fear that these moments, gone unrecorded, will be swept away by time's torrid tide. It's probably fool's gold to think that the ephemeral nature of the internet would provide a refuge where we can store our memories so that we can one day recollect them.
It's almost ironic that the act of chronicling these moments means I miss the moments that pass while I write. Granted that I often pen these in the dead of night, but even the thought of not lying beside you and watching you sleep feels like such a waste of a good thing.
We only have so many of these in our lives, and however long God has planned for us to have with each other, it never seems enough. Again, we could spend it in futile fear that this heaven be taken away from us or choose to spend our moments wisely, deeply in love and in service of others.
The last few months of continually serving the youth has been tiring, but it is a good tiredness, like it is life well spent; and how sweet it is to have you as my helpmate and my companion. So very close that you are not just a part of who I am, but I am truly one with you, unable to differentiate where I end and you begin…
I am so blessed that the memories I write are a reflection of the greater relationship between our Christ and His bride, and I get to write them with you.
Sleep tight.

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