Nihilo Sanctum Estne?

My dearest friends, I have been writing here for more than 12 years now, and some of you have been reading my ramblings for almost as long. In the last couple of years posts have been a lot less frequent, somewhat due to the nature of my work, but more largely due to the stage of life I'm at.
Over the last decade of writing I have been, as I have been described only this morning, "an open book". I still believe in openness and authenticity of speech, but these days my decision to be the open book I've always been involves more than just myself. While Faith has been ever the supportive wife, I tread carefully when writing about my children. I cannot in the chronicling of my life compromise the privacy of their childhood. Those stories are theirs to share if and when they are ready.
I finally downloaded <a href="">Day One</a>, the beautifully designed journaling app for both mobile and desktop. It is stunning in its minimalism and simplicity, though I wish it allowed the use of video as a means of journaling (it currently does text and photos).

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