Sunrise of Your Smile

My dearest children, I have been holding on to a song in my heart for almost two decades. These beautifully written lyrics have been waiting for you.
From Michael Card's "Sunrise of your smile":
Reject the worldly lie that says,<br />
That life lies always up ahead,<br />
Let power go before control<br />
becomes a crust around your soul,<br />
Escape the hunger to possess,<br />
And soul-diminishing success,<br />
This world is full of narrow lives,<br />
I pray by grace your smile survives.
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For I would wander weary miles,<br />
Would welcome ridicule, my child,<br />
To simply see the sunrise of your smile,<br />
To see the light behind your eyes,<br />
The happy thought that makes you fly,<br />
Yes, I would wander weary miles,<br />
If I could see the sunrise of your smile.
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Now close your eyes so you can see,<br />
Your own unfinished memories,<br />
Now open them, for time is brief,<br />
And you'll be blest beyond belief,<br />
Now glance above you at the sky,<br />
There's beauty there to blind the eye,<br />
I ask all this then wait awhile,<br />
To see the dawning of your smile.
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