Stand Up for Singapore

People not suffering from acute pain or injustice probably have less reason to voice out and risk being caught in a fray of online flaming.
When the folks behind "Stand Up for Singapore" decided to organise a <a href="">hanging out at Hong Lim Park on May Day</a>, they received a fair amount of criticism. "It's a depressing portrait of Gen-Y Singaporeans substituting political action with feel-good frivolity", wrote one. His followers soon started pelting the effort with virtual vegetables.
Yet it is many of these same individuals who rail on about how Singapore is not enough: culturally, politically, or pretty much in any way possible. Living in an era where everything is accelerated, and speaking on a medium where 3 seconds is much too long for a website to load, we are severely crimping our ability to grow things. 3D printers and other state of the art prototyping tools have made creating things so much more instantaneous than ever before, but some things still need time.
It is a nice gesture that some Singaporeans have come together to organise a picnic at Hong Lim Park, and to tear them down because there's no overt political direction or cause is needlessly mean-spirited. Bonds are formed through informal gatherings such as these, helped by the fact it concentrates on the people rather than the problems to be solved.
There are many things that need to be addressed and challenges to be surmounted. But on Labour Day – a day of rest for the weary – it is as good a time as any to remember why we labour.

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