I have tried hard to figure out how to get the most social good out of the limited time I have: whether I should pivot, collaborate, play the part of cog in a larger wheel headed the same direction. These are things things that have kept me up at night for as long as I could remember.
Tonight as I listened to Corrinne May's "Five Loaves and Two Fishes", I am compelled to remember that I am the boy, and that the Lord Himself will figure out how to feed the thousands hungry. All I need do is be willing to give what I have, or as the song puts it: surrender.
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Instead, I have mulled long and hard over whether these fish I have are large enough, or the right type. Or if there were better ways of filleting them up so that more people could have a bite. The tasks before us are the same as that which confounded Jesus' disciples so many years ago. Having to feed thousands with nothing but the lunchbox of a child is insurmountable. While we may hold on to the hope that global issues like world hunger and poverty could be eradicated through better distribution management and entrepreneurship, the underlying problems of human greed and self-centredness &mdash; <em>sin</em> &mdash; are in need of a miracle only God Himself can provide.
I need to accept my place as the young boy, worry less about the impossible, and surrender it all unto the Lord. After all, in giving up his little packed meal, the boy had subjected himself to hunger like the rest, with only the belief that Jesus wouldn't just take his lunch. The boy's measure of faith has become a testament to Jesus' compassion and power, and an example to every believer.

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