Day nor the Hour

Faith and I sat in front of Dr Soon, our gynaecologist.
"How? You want to do it now?"
We sat there, totally stunned and unsure. The baby had grown quite a bit over the last few weeks, and his size had become a little bit of a concern. Our previous two had always come unannounced, so having a choice in when the baby would be born was a decision we had never made.
A quick phone call was made, and things were set in motion. I sent out text messages to the necessary parties. It was odd telling my colleagues that we were having the baby tomorrow. Seemed almost prescient.
As we wind down for the night I look at Faith and tell her I'll be cheering her on. As a husband, the birth of your children is one of those moments you stand so helplessly by.
"Wish I could do it for you", I say, a little too quickly. "Erm…maybe not." Even chivalry had its limits.
We both laughed.
It's a new day tomorrow. The cold night air is tinged with excitement, but also fear and uncertainty. Grandma transferred from the hospital over to the hospice today. A poignant moment in our lives, standing at the start and end of life's circle.

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