Bearing Fruit

"I want to do work!"
It was Caleb's bedtime and I was pooped after a day's work. Trying to get him to bed, but failing miserably. Anne was still up finishing her homework, and Caleb insisted on doing work as well.
Half suspecting that it was a ploy of his to get out of his room to play but too tired to outlast his persistence (he rolled around in bed three times before sitting up and protesting that he wanted to be doing work as well), I let the little boy out of bed.
I pulled myself up, went out and saw the two older kids sitting at the dining table beside Faith, both hard at work; Anne finishing her Chinese and Caleb starting on maths. Having shied away from homework pretty much all my life, this scene was mind-boggling.
I stood there amazed at the work of my amazing wife who put aside her career because we thought it was more important to properly invest in the intangibles of our children. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful partner in parenting: someone to pray with and depend on.
There is so much to thank God for.

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