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Help Meet

<blockquote>And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." <cite>Genesis 2:18</cite></blockquote>
As Faith cleared out the old mail, she looked at her old tax receipts, and a certain sadness came upon her. It has been almost a year since she stopped work to be with the children.
"Are you sad that you're not working?" I asked.
"You know, if we had my old income, we wouldn't have to worry so much about our finances, or we could feel less reluctant to go on overseas holidays, that sorta thing. And I feel bad that you have to work hard to support us all."
We talk, and we both agree that the additional income would have come at great cost: the time spent with the children in their formative years and the opportunities to build lifelong bonds with them. We thank God that we have enough. Not so little that we live in constant frustration that we might murmur against Him, or so much that we would lose sight of the Giver.
My dearest Faith, I do not mind working hard for you or for the family. Not one bit. As I remember how it was when we first started out: how you married me, broke and unemployed; how you supported us while I tried to build &mdash; and failed &mdash; my little web design studio; how you came home from work each day, encouraged me, and believed in me, that I was working my tail off even though our bank account had nothing to show for it.
It is for these, and a million other reasons &mdash; each one a beautiful fragment of our lives as together &mdash; that make me want to work hard for you. It is because of how you love me that I choose to jump out of bed to tend to all our children, if only to buy you a good night's sleep. I am reminded that I am truly blessed, that I may devote this earthly life to come into full realisation of the love of Christ for His church in our union.
It is my blessing to serve God alongside you.

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