Shifting into Gear

It's been a good break.
In the last two and a half weeks, I didn't get to visit all the lesser known parts of Singapore I had initially wanted to, but I did start writing a bit more, and taking more photos. It has been cathartic. Three of my latest photostories on <a href="">Exposure</a> have been picked by their staff to be featured:
1. <a href="">Remembering Sacrifice</a> – my visit to Kranji War Memorial
2. <a href="">Slowing Down</a> – cycling around Pulau Ubin
3. and <a href="">Homecoming</a> – reminiscing childhood memories made in Rochor Centre, where I grew up, which is slated for demolition in 2016
I hope to keep on capturing moments through photography, and to make penning down my thoughts as natural as exhalation. I really missed the writing process – revisiting it has made me more appreciative of what God has placed in my life.
As this transition comes to a close, work begins next Monday.
I am joining Google as a user education and outreach specialist. It is a new chapter in my career, and a fitting extension of my calling to serve the public. I am constantly in awe of the many things Google has been working on, and it still hasn't totally hit home that I am privileged to have this opportunity to contribute towards these efforts. I am thankful and humbled.
To God be the glory.

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