It has been more than a month since I started at the new job, yet it still feels so surreal that I left the world that had become familiar to me for almost a decade. The work before me is very loosely defined, and there are days I feel so out of my depth at what needs to be done, but comforted by the fact I am surrounded by colleagues who are so willing to give of themselves. And yet there are other times when the scope seems so narrow, as I find the footprints of others before me on the path I planned to walk.
Above all things I constantly remind myself never to forsake my heart for public service even though I am no longer officially a public servant. That the labour of my hands might make life better for another, and never to take the privilege of serving other people for granted.
Over the last month, I have had so much to learn as I entered this world that is entirely alien to me. It felt unsettling to not be able to contribute off the bat. My previous transfers within the public sector were from organisations that took me in because they needed me for specific tasks. This was the first time in a long time the organisation I joined knew little about me. I suppose my battle scars within the public service had gained me some measure of notoriety and made it easy for needs to align with skills.
I didn't like the feeling of being lost. But I think God knew I needed the time to pray and depend upon Him.
Things are slowly falling into place and the pace has picked up quickly. I welcome the familiar adrenaline rush and the feeling that I am contributing towards the team. Some of the amazing things this team does makes me proud to be here.
The familiar shackles no longer chafe. I'm sure I will find the boundaries here, but for now I'm thankful chance to stretch some old muscles and fly.

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