Family, Country, Self

I watched our Prime Minister hold back tears today as he announced the passing of his father, the first Prime Minister of Singapore.
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It was hard to watch as PM Lee Hsien Loong delivered the speech, gathering whatever emotional strength he had left. "Mr. Lee Kuan Yew", he said, voice breaking. Not out of disrespect, but out of duty. The eldest son of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was first and foremost our Prime Minister. The tears he held back as son would have to wait for more private moments. As he left the rostrum, we could feel the tremendous weight on his shoulders and the grief that must have been in his heart.
It was only a day before when he wrote "<a href="">Dear Papa, hope you get better!</a>".
There will undoubtedly be multitudes of published notes of grief, some extolling Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's achievements, recounting his wit, outlining his life; and deservedly so. May we turn also to resolve, to remember, honour and uphold the Singaporean spirit he exhibited and helped define.
I watched our Prime Minister squeeze the last vestiges of his strength this morning to fulfill his duty to country. I know his father would have been proud.
Let us bear this weight together. Majulah Singapura.

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