Love Language

My younger colleagues asked me over lunch, if I still knew how to 谈恋爱 (fall in love, or romance), being married and all. It's such an innocent question, and probably one that we ought to ask ourselves more often.
"Of course," I reply almost instinctively.
"Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?"
"Erm…no. It's the most expensive day of the year."
They summed up that I probably didn't know what it meant to 谈恋爱.
My reply was glaringly pragmatic and held a grain of truth, but was incomplete.
In our 23 years together, we never felt the need to celebrate Valentine's because there is so much joy in every single moment we have had together. While we do from time to time feel slight pangs of not receiving gifts from each other on special occasions, we have come to realise that it is time together that we treasure the most.
Time where we put aside everything else, and just lose ourselves in each other's company, talking about small funny moments, or the beautiful span of years that have passed and the children that God has blessed us with. Our best moments are spent in gratitude for the gifts that God Himself has given, that money cannot buy.

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