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My dearest Faith,
It has been some time since I've written to you here.
It continues to amaze me – how beautiful you are – when I look at you. Where we once beamed with the vitality of youth, there are now faint wrinkles and lines that chart the passing of time; and where I once marveled at how God could craft your face in such a manner that it attracted my heart so much, I now look upon his handiwork through the additional lens of experiences shared. I remember, you and I, such naive youths who had chosen to spend our lives together.
And by the grace of God here we are. We've braved so many sleepless nights together, cleaning soiled bed covers, sponging down fevers, or just being there because of our children's need to snuggle. We often talk about how we await the day when we would have time together, like we once did when we were dating, and how we'd spend that time wishing we had our babies with us.
Time is flitting by so quickly, and the shadow of the inevitable makes us treasure the moments even more. I am so thankful to have known you, loved you and be loved by you. There's this sense of helplessness as time slips out of our hands. I write on this blog to slow its passing, but there is little any of us can do, except to be thankful for the moment.
I thank God so much for you and how your presence in my life speaks of His goodness to me. I'm blessed to have shared this small finite slice of time in the sunshine with you.

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