Count on Me, Singapore

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We all held our collective breaths when we heard that PM Lee had fainted delivering the National Day Rally speech. There was this odd mix of silence as the future suddenly became so much more uncertain, amidst the cacophony of social media gone crazy as everyone scoured every avenue to find out what happened, and whether he was ok.
We never got to see whether PM Lee fainted, but the video of the moments just before circulated minutes after we received news. The image of PM Lee holding tight to the rostrum – shaking – and then leaning to one side drove Faith and me to tears. How heavy the burden this one man bore.
If Singapore were a family, and former PM Lee Kuan Yew our founding father, PM Lee finds his place as our eldest brother. He was always known to be a little stiff, but in recent years he revealed a much more human side through <a href="">his photography on Instagram</a>, always signed off &#8220;Photo by me&#8221;.
That his body fell short of the mammoth task of delivering the National Day Rally speech &mdash; essentially the summary of the past year and the vision for the country&#8217;s future, with segments in 3 languages no less &mdash; felt like an emotional blow we really were&#8217;t ready for. We had only just lost Lee Kuan Yew. I wasn&#8217;t sure we built up the emotional reserves for another.
What happened last night was a necessary reminder for us to remember our individual mortality. Nation-building is a responsibility of every citizen. The song &#8220;Count on me, Singapore&#8221; takes on new meaning. You and I are Singapore, and we need to be committed to build each other up even if we come from different races, different religions, or hold different political views. We build each other up that we may prosper as a nation to leave a legacy for future generations.

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