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To Greg and Anna, our two kiwis here in Tucson, Arizona. Happy memories.

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Are You REDy For This?

Seems the red layout here has gotten mixed reviews: People who said they didn’t like it because it was too “in their face”, and others who were too polite to tell me. Thanks for all your feedback, it is only through them I can learn to better my skills and take over the role of media mongul of the world. If I have time this weekend I might construct a more eye-friendly layout. I must admit, this Ferrari of mine is getting to me. Chinese New Year is not anywhere near the corner. So, stayed tuned.

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The one thing I can’t seem to understand about women is why they like diamond rings, or any expensive jewellery for that matter. I’m not being chauvanistic or anything, I just wish I understood the source of this attraction to expensive shiny things. My sister has tried explaining it to me, somewhere along the lines of “it’s something you see whenever you look at your hand” and “it reminds you how much he loves you”. She too admits that it is an irrational yet utterly strong impulse. It doesn’t work for all shiny things, it seems aluminium foil doesn’t work. Despite what she may say, size does seem to have a positive correlation with the magnitude of her “wow”. Of course design matters, the band has to look nice….but SIX CARATS!!!! I mean SIX CARATS!!!!!! You get the picture. All logic and reason….swoosh….out of the window. Hello rock, boulder…SIX CARATS!

laughs Of course I face the same thing with Faith (my girlfriend). She’s more subtle about it probably because she knows how terribly broke I am. I’ll get you your rock someday sweetie, right now my heart and all that I own is yours.

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Certificate of Geekdom was just awarded the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers.

laughs I can’t even remember when I submitted it for review. The babyblue layout probably won the award, seems like most of you prefer that one. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this one, tell me.

Just noticed that there’s a spiderweb behind the picture of a trophy. These guys probably don’t support continuous updating.

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Ferrari Red

For techies out there, I had intended to create the new layout slightly differently from the old. The main constraints were that I had a few faithful readers who are still using old versions of Netscape (you know who you are), and the fact that I wanted to move away from the bad habit of utilizing nested tables. As some of you know, Tribolum runs on using server side includes pulling five or six different pages unto a template. This has made it difficult to implement SSI’s without using nested tables as the alignments keep running. I’ve cut down on the number of nested tables in the Ferrari Red layout, and I hope it won’t give as many problems in loading as the previous BabyBlue layout, which by the way is still totally functional.

I’ve decided to make Ferrari Red a little more compact, and to do away with the poem section. I doubt anyone even pays attention to it. I had put it up there for myself, in the hope that some good verse might transfer to my memory via osmosis. Too bad my skull’s a little too thick to be semi-permeable.

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New Layout

For those of you observant ones out there, you’d have notice has undergone a change in layout. I’m still tweaking some things, but so far everything seems to be running beautifully. The previous layout is still available and working, and I intend to somehow learn how to stuff cookies down your computers so that when you come to Tribolum, you’ll be brought to your favourite layout right away. That might take some time though.

So tell me what you think of this layout….I know some colours need to be changed a little, but Ferrari colours are always something to behold aren’t they?

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To a Sister

Dearest Louelle,

it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to you and I can only imagine how much you’ve grown in this time. When I was a child adults would dismiss me as a child, not knowing that deep inside I understood what they were saying to me, but was only too afraid to utter a reply. I remember telling myself should one day come when I become an adult like them, I would not under-estimate the heart and mind of a child ever. I know that you are no longer a child but you’ll always be my younger sister.

I remember the day when you came home for the first time and Mommy dubbed you my birthday present because your birthday was so close to mine (also the fact that it was hard giving birth and looking for a suitable present at the same time). I remember holding you, carrying you, and even changing your diapers every once in a while. I remember teaching you how to walk, and choosing carefully what your first words would be. Your jie jie’s first words were kor kor. You were a little more stubborn than that. There are so many memories I remember about you and I guess it’s amazing how time has passed us both by. It won’t be long until you grow up and face the decisions we “adults” struggle with. I hope I’ll be there for you when those times come.

Thank you for the virtual card you sent me. The best birthday present I could ever ask for was you. Which birthday present sends new cards every birthday? I’m glad your exams are over and I pray you did your best. No matter what grades you get you’ll always be my sister, and I just wanted you to know that I’ll always be behind you. Junior Camp is coming up and you might want to give Faith a call to get your application forms. I’ll be helping out this year - your jie jie and I managed to get tickets home this December.

Remember to take care of yourself - don’t play TOO hard. laughs I know how you hate it when we say that after your exams. I hated it too back then. No one ever asks us not to study too hard. Eat your vegetables….yadda yadda…..and grow up to be a truly beautiful Christ-centered lady.

your brother.

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Up The Road Behind Us

An old friend paid a visit to this page yesterday and left a short note in my picturetrail guestbook. It has been so many years ago and even though we never were very close there is a certain attachment to having known each other in our childhood. We played basketball together. There’s a certain sense of camaraderie that I feel now when I remember him. I do not know how he is, where he is studying or working, or how he’s changed. What I do remember is a shared past and something I can only describe as a very close and intimate acquaintance.

Ronald, wherever you are, I wish for you the best that God has planned. I hope to hear from you again and maybe we can pick up wherever it was we left off. Take care, wherever you are.

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Sunset Boulevard

Did I mention that Arizona has the most beautiful sunsets? While coming home from a little shopping today, I grabbed my camera and ran to the street to take this picture. It’s the view from where I live. Splendid ain’t it?

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The Hills Are Alive

Went down to Sabino Canyon for a hike this morning. The mountains in Arizona are hardly mountains when compared to the Rockies or the Himalayan peaks, but they still never fail to humble me. My photographic skill fails to demonstrate the robust magnitude of the cliffs that surround us as we hike, but I thought I’d give you guys a picture anyway. Things in Arizona seem mostly hostile in nature. The mountains are not green and lush. The more famous (or infamous) of the wildlife here include the rattlesnake, bark scorpion and the roadrunner. We all know how the roadrunner has the unique ability to drop pianos on our heads, or launch us butts into outer space on those Acme-brand rockets. The flora is even less amiable. They are often covered with thorns or spikes of some kind. Most of us came back with scratched legs or little splinters embedded in our arms. Despite all this, we all enjoyed ourselves. The only regret was not being able to persuade each other into loving nature enough to hug a cactus.

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Finally managed to find some time to go grocery shopping. The fridge was left with only a pitcher of cold water, and there was no cornflakes left to be eaten. No Ribena, no chocolate, no cookies, no nothing. I would never have thought the fact that I now have all those within arm’s reach would bring me such comfort and to an extent even freedom. Work hasn’t eased up much, but life is showing some semblance of well, life. There are many more battles to be fought and many miles ahead of me, but now I am armed with two bottles of Ribena, and I stand ready. To take over the world!

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For those of you who tried coming here in the last 24 hours, you’d probably noticed that couldn’t be accessed at all. Apparently the servers went down due to a malfunction. I’m just glad everything’s up again. Thanks for coming back.

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Which Star Wars Character

An avid Star Wars fan, I couldn’t resist finding this out for myself. Seems like I’m more robotic than I thought I was. I’m just glad I’m not C3PO. So next time I write in binary or speak in bleeps, you’ll know why.

Go ahead, click on R2 there and take the test. Blog about who you really are.

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Rememberance page has been updated. I sure do a lot of pretty stupid things.

I’ve also moved the old page to this server. I don’t like where Geocities is going with the advertising on the xcam. I’ve no idea who they’re trying to convince that it’s not used for voyeuristic purposes.

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Cognitive Disonance

Many things have been said this past month. A lot of politically-loaded statements made, a great number of judgements passed. I cannot say I agree with many things the leaders of the U.S. have said or done during this harrowing time.

I cannot nod my head in agreement when President Bush called the terrorists accomplished liars, because I do not believe in the pot calling the kettle black.

I will not accept President’s Bush statement that Osama bin Laden is “an evil man”, for I have seen the evil that is potentially in me. Mr. Bin Laden’s agenda has never been given much air time, and we do not know why people are so pissed at the United States. That is the root of the problem.

When I read about U.S. foreign policy from independent observers like John Pilger it is hard to believe that this is a fight between good and evil.

It is hard to pray with “patriotic” Christians at church when it seems they show no dilemma about letting Afghans die.

My heart aches at the loss of life and there are times I feel ashamed that the United States should call upon the same God I worship to bless them, and their hands are soiled with blood. Pray for humankind, that we may truly see the value of human life.

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Thank You

Some of you were worried that I had taken ill or something to that degree after reading my last post. Thank you for your concern and I am sorry to have alarmed you. I have not taken ill. It has been a really busy time for me, and though the load has lightened somewhat it is still a pretty high-pressured time. I am just glad to have been able to strike some things off my to-do list. So for now, I’m still here, alive and kicking. Thanks for all the concern. It warms my heart.

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So Little Time

There is much I have to tell you, but there is no time. The motor’s running and the engine is warm, I only hope things do not overheat. Thank God so far everything’s still fully functional.

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I updated the look of my guestbook, thanks to Mel who sorta pointed out that it looked like Chronoscape’s. It was a small variation of Mbook’s default template the default template of Mbook. I’m planning some changes for Tribolum, and would appreciate any input - colour combinations, layouts, functions, content, and so on. No promises to meet all your requests, but I’ll consider them if they’re good. :)

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Nutella is a gift from the gods!

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The A-List

You know you’re in Arizona when …. (read the comments section for the list, and feel free to add to it, even if you’re not in Arizona)

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Midnight Madness

For those of you who weren’t around when I blogged about it a whole year ago, midnight madness marks the start of the basketball season. People who are proud enough to call themselves real fans all head to McKale Center, the home of the Arizona basketball team where the first basketball practice of the season begins at midnight. There are assorted activities, namely a slam dunk competition and a three-point shootout. In the meantime the organisers try to stuff small competitions and giveaways to bide the time till midnight.

As usual, it was rather badly organised. I guess there’s no easy way around this - people want to see the basketball team that carries their hopes for the coming season, and they want to see it now. The small contests like giving a car away if you sink a layup, free throw, three pointer AND a half-court shot has such small odds that it doesn’t take a mathematician to lose interest. The saving grace of last year’s midnight madness was the slam dunk competition. Richard Jefferson (now with the New Jersey Nets) dunked the basketball, putting the entire length of his forearm into the rim. He also jumped over a cheerleader and an audience member in another dunk. This year the competition was a tad less exciting. In the words of a randomly selected guest judge when asked who impressed him, “None of them did”.

In the little scrimage they had, they missed layups and jumpshots. Rick Anderson wasn’t paying attention to his teammate’s pass and the ball hit him on the side of the head. Travis Hanour missed a dunk, Will Bynum caught the rebound and missed the layup….you get the picture, and it’s not a pretty one.

The thing about being a fan is that you stick through it thick and thin. The marvelous thing about fan-ship is the hope that accompanies it. It may well be a hope that is statistically-challenged, but you cling on to it for dear life like you would a lottery ticket. But better than the odds of a lottery ticket, we have the head coach of the Arizona basketball program Lute Olson, a living legend if you will. He will, without a doubt, turn these rough, broken pieces into polished diamonds studded in a seamless work of art called a team. Maybe my faith is misplaced, or my judgement impaired, but I am here along for the ride. When we get, not if, but when we get to the final four, you’ll hear the words of a fan - “I told you so”.

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Right people, the ball is now in your court. Leave the title of your favourite poem in the comments section here and I’ll see if I can get the poem posted on the blue box of poetry. Please do make sure the poem is not one of those super duper long ones though.

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I Need Thee Every Hour

It has been a really long week and the pressure looks to drag on for at least a few more. I’m thankful that my weekend starts on Friday and has officially begun, yet at the back of my mind am always aware of the things I need to get done. I wish I had time to sit down, drink gatorade and watch life pass by. Right now, I’m a fully integrated part of the very fast moving background. I need to take time to pray, take time to talk to God. I’ve been neglecting Him way too much and the signs of spiritual fatigue is beginning to show. Pray for me, that I may rely on His strength totally and completely.

I face the prospect of not doing well for one of my classes. I wouldn’t be as agitated were it not an easy class. It is made hard by the fact that the teacher has decided to test us on the smallest minute details. We are expected to know how many double spaced pages make an hour of speech, so on and so forth. I am irritated as it is utterly useless information. Yet it reveals a side of me that I wouldn’t have known had I not been pricked by this thorn. I had set out back then to be free from the burden of accomplishments and to place my trust totally in God’s hands. Today, I see that a drop in grades soured my mood and affected my person. I do not like what I see. I need so much to hold closer, to trust deeper and to love with more abandon. I place my life in Jesus’ hands. Wherever He leads. I will go.

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Life Goes On

As my old website evolves into what it is now, I couldn’t help but take a look at its very beginnings. Despite the assumption that data is indestructible in this digital age, so many things are not. We can archive, we can digitally make perfect replicas of all our digital journals and memories but life, like the sand in an hourglass, moves on. Looking back at the yesteryear, I remember Sarah and all her wonderful words, Pattie in whom I found someone who was willing to challenge the majority perspective and many other friends whom I made simply by typing my thoughts into my computer, just as I am doing now. Due to my going home last summer and being unable to update my journals then, I seem to have lost these beautiful friends. The old saying goes,

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver the other is gold.

I have made new friends, and many of them have blogs of their own. A blog offers an outlet for creativity and expression, as well as a confidante should you have the courage to choose to live an open life. Yet today I sort of wished I had etched my memories on paper, where I could feel it, touch it, smell its fragrance. I don’t think I ever will use a real paper journal again, due to my inability to write as quickly as I type. So this evening I send the thoughts of my soul out again into the cold, black void of cyberspace and somehow hope that I will find warmth in all your hearts.

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Reblogger has been down a little these few days and I’m starting to get worried about it’s reliability. I’ve moved my comments to a local cgi script. I’m sticking with Blogger though as Greymatter or Newspro is unable to generate multiple blogs without multiple installations.

I’ve also added a new guestbook. Be the first to write in it. :)

Talk to me.

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Land of Make-believe

Second installment of my comic genius. Or not. Enjoy.

There is more fact than fiction in this. Read the link “Hollywood helping out Pentagon?” in the Current Affairs section of this page.

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I’m been keeping away from my C programming assignments the whole of Sunday. I was reluctant to get back to it this evening. The whole structure of pointers seem to be a theory concocted by a deranged mind. For those of you non-techies, do bear with me, I’m merely venting.

I finished my assignment tonight. It wasn’t even as hard as I imagined it to be. I’m not saying this because I’m a star programmer or anything of the sort. On the contrary, the unforgiveness of the semantics of computer language irk me. If I’m not mistaken, somewhere in Don Quixote there’s the hero who thought that windmills were terrible monsters and never did dare to confront his fear. No, I didn’t read the book. I learnt it from an episode of Clueless (the TV series of the movie). By God’s grace I poked at my windmill and smelt the tulips tonight. One less ball to juggle.

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Hardly Funny

My first attempt at a small comic. I didn’t draw the stuff, just the storyline behind it. Wish I could come up with something funny right now, but it’s just a little too dark and depressing a time.

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Other Side of the Story

John Pilger wrote an interesting article that reveals a little of what we do not see in the Western controlled media. It offers a glimpse of the other side and to me, it helps reason out what has essentially been a one-sided argument. John’s Article.

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Website Information

Do not go into the VM (Vagina Monologues) website. Some terribly-written javascript causes my browser to crash.

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When Cows Come Home

“Vagina. No matter how you say it, it sounds bad. It sounds like a contagious disease of some sort…..or a medical instrument. ‘Nurse, hand me the vagina…’”

Just came back from watching The Vagina Monologues and I must say that it was a splendid performance. Being Asian, I expected myself to be less comfortable about these unspoken issues than the more vocal Americans. The thing that bought me over was that the Vagina Monologues was not flippant about sexuality, unlike many other acts that try hard to gain our attention. It was a celebration of all that was woman. Man’s dominance is overt all over the world and makes itself clearly evident. Phallic skyscrapers pierce the air, pens, rockets, aeroplanes….don’t give the excuse that aerodynamics have a part in this atrocity. We have far too often cheapened our helpmates and reduced them to labour or body parts to be had. We flaunt them like possessions and go through them like consumables.

I’m glad tonight was not such a night. The realization of woman as an integral part of humankind and yet is complete within herself is an essential step towards the betterment of us as human beings.

“The vagina, like the heart, can sacrifice. It can stretch to accomodate. It can bleed to allow life into the world”.

In English there’s the saying “when the cows come home”, or its more contemporary equivalent “when pigs fly”. Back home in Singapore the Hokkien people have a similar saying that translates into “when the vagina speaks” (CB kong woei). Tonight that happened. The vagina, the essence of all that is woman, spoke. My ears heard her thoughts and my heart her emotions. And I stood in awe.

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Looking Forward

The US attacked the Taliban today. It saddens my heart to see all this happening. There is no justification for the shedding of innocent blood. None at all. None for the terrorists, none for those that want to retaliate against them. Attack the terrorists, by all means, but it would take a lot of convincing to make me believe that attacking the major cities in Afghanistan is a “precise” strike. “Innocent victims of terror” and “collateral damage”. These two terms seem only to be differentiated by their geographical location.

Yet like King Arthur (played by Sean Connery) once said in the movie “First Knight”, “there is a peace only to be found on the other side of war”. With all my heart I hope and pray that it isn’t true. There will always be a need for defense. Revenge and retaliation is hardly defense. It is a deliberate, premeditated act of hurt.

My heart goes out to the Afghan people today. I feel their fear and helplessness. I taste the taste of blood in my mouth as I watch the American news, and how they justify their actions as righteous and just. I do not believe that the terrorists would hijack a plane and die for nothing at all. The root of the entire problem has not once been brought up. Why were they discontent? What were their motivations? Sure, there is no justification for the horrendous actions they took, but there must have been a reason. It would do the United States good to be more gracious, more benevolent, and less proud. If they want to project themselves as the champions of the world, earn that right by strength of character, not military might.

I hope for a better tomorrow, and I hope my own life will be a small contribution to that cause.

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Third letter of the alphabet. Taking up quite a bit of my waking hours. C programming. I’m muddling through and still not quite there. Hope I find some answers in my sleep.

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Cloud Nine

Just came back from watching the movie Serendipity. The storyline was soppy and dripping with all manner of romance. I loved it. Two souls sharing one brief moment, not knowing each other’s names, but destined for each other. Starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Absolutely, utterly and stunningly beautiful. Oh, the movie was great too.

Ok, I did it again. I’ve fallen for yet another woman. Breathlessness and a sense euphoria….breathe….breathe. I don’t know if it’s her British accent or her eyes, or whether it’s the Christmasy feel in New York City, or maybe it’s her eyes. Sara Thomas from the movie Serendipity. Enigmatic, full of passion for life, vulnerable. You know, all the characteristics that make us men go weak at the knees. She really took my heartstrings and played me like a kitten with a ball of yarn. Watch it. I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love too.

If you click on the picture on the right you’ll get to the website. It has an interesting concept that sort of follows the movie. They’ll even give you a name (first name only) of someone who chose the exact same answers you answer for their little quiz.

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I should probably set aside a whole window for updates alone. Anyway, I’ve streamlined Tribolum’s look, and the archives, links, rememberance and about pages now refresh within the main window of this page. If there are any problems you encounter while going through the site, do inform me via email, or leave a comment under here.

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I'm Listening

I watched half of the ballet “L’Oiseau de feu” yesterday. Oh ok, the program said “Firebird” but I think it’s French name sounds so much more sophisticated. I only managed to catch the second half of it because I had a meeting with MISA (Mentoring for International Student Achievement) earlier that evening. The lady at the door told me that I could go in, and that the ushers would be inside to help me find my seat. I walked in and stood behind a group of about five ushers. The hall was illuminated only by the stage lights, and I didn’t want to interrupt the performance by whispering so I waited for the ushers to notice that I needed help to my seat.

They looked at me, and then continued to watch the ballet. It was then I realised that the top I wore was the same as that of the usher’s, only that mine was grey rather than white. I must say that the ballet looked interesting from this “worker’s” point of view. In fact, I might not have been as alert to the little nuances of dance had I been sitting down.

Ballet isn’t my cup of tea I guess. I need a voice. If it sounds anything like Lea or Julia….bliss.

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I should really stop blogging after coding. The correct answer to the little quiz on “which of these things…” is 4. 4 is false. The rest are well….(!= 1;) hence true. Ooops there I go again.

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Furtive Glances

It was funny how oblivious you were of your effect on me. I looked forward to seeing you every weekend at church, not that it was my only motivation to be there, but it was definitely some sort of a huge bonus. In fact, it was something that kept me going through the week, knowing that at the end of those six long days, I’d get to see you again, even if it was from a distance. There were times when you didn’t come. You have no idea the sort of misery it was knowing that it was going to be another six days. Even now, I don’t know what it is about looking at you from a distance, but the warm feeling it brings is has not gone away. I still glance at you from time to time, only this time you look up, meet me eye to eye, and smile. In those very moments, I know without a doubt that my life is indeed blessed.

Embarassed by Stupidity

Added a new entry into the Rememberance pages, a memory I cannot help laughing at. Love indeed makes us blind. In my case, it lowered my IQ and took my stupidity for a spin. Click on the R icon to read the entries. I’ll share my stupidity, that I may hear your laughter. Feel free to leave your comments or whatever you want to share. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only stupid one around….or am I?

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Part Two

The guessing game continues at Lainey’s (pretty cool name for a bar ain’t it?)

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And the Winner is....

Much as I’d like to believe the little game would generate millions of guesses, I’ll settle for the company of close friends.

Some of you commented that the statements in themselves were contradictory, but I assure you they were not. I was just trying to mess around with the logical deductions you guys would come up with. Member of gang = carry knife = fail subjects != valedictorian (!= means not equal). I used the definition of valedictorian as one who delivered the graduating speech, which I did. Kinda hard to have been the top student failing five subjects. Pasir Ris Sec isn’t THAT bad.

Like mocha frap at Zouk != Never been to a disco. Well truth is, I’ve never been to a disco. Zouk has this little cafe thingie outside of the disco, where they have (had) the best mocha fraps I ever tasted. For a measly fee of about seven to eight dollars. I’ve been in line at Zouk and found the music too loud from the far end of the carpark.

Semi-dexterity and liking one girl are separate statements. I’m semi-dextrous, learning new things with either hand depending on which one feels more cheerful at that point in time.

There was this one girl this one moment a long long time ago. I had speech and drama classes back when I was nine or ten. She was from another time slot but couldn’t make hers so she joined our class that day. One hour, once in a lifetime. I remember her name still, but not her face. Vaya said she held a poll and found that female names starting with v were the most potent. So there she was, this girl who had a v-name, and for that one hour I was getting my mind messed up by all manner of madness.

Question now is….v-names = power. v….a….y….a….coincidence? Click on to her homepage….and you’d have proved a point. Oh go on, click anyway.

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Barking Up the Wrong Tree

One of the stupidest things I’ve done in my entire life probably stemmed from the mistake of misreading your address.

I was 13 at that time and after a lot of deliberation, managed to ask your sister for your home address. I don’t think I did too good a job of disguising my feelings for you. She laughed me in the face back then but wrote it down anyway. She came back to me a few minutes later to correct the address, for she had forgotten to add in the # sign that comes in front of most housing block addresses. In her attempts to squeeze in that # sign, she wrote over the first digit of your house number.

Overcome with the sense of euphoria that I now had your address, I proceeded to send letters and cards for every and any occasion I could think of. Christmas, birthdays, hanukkah (I would if I knew when that was). I stood on the ground floor many a time and looked at the window of your house. I had so painstaking counted them one by one to make sure I had the right window frame. Two years went by and it seemed as if there was no response whatsoever to my letters and cards.

I was thankful though, for at least that meant that I was not humiliated or rejected. For two whole years I sent letters and cards, not by post, but by hand. Waiting carefully for the right moment till the shadows passed away from the main door and I’d rush up and stuff whatever cargo I carried under the sliver under the door. Then I’d run away, half afraid someone would open the door and ask me what I was doing. For two whole years I laboured over what words to pen, that the messages might be as eloquent as they possibly could. For two whole years I expressed my love to the wrong audience, running away from ghosts that never existed, when the angel I had wanted to gaze upon lived twenty floors above.

Obsessions of Youth

Just finished watching Malena on video. I think from now on I’ll pay a lot more attention to foreign films. They seem to have so much more substance than Hollywood, especially if they’re written and directed by the same guy who did Cinema Paradiso, another classic.

It’s about a young boy’s obsession with a married woman (Malena) and it is not hard to relate to the senseless things he does. It is hard to explain the entire story, but the thing that held it all together was the pensive mood of the movie. Oh, and the instrumental soundtrack helped a lot as well. Josh Groban sang the particular song in an episode of Aly McBeal.

To hear the mp3, click HERE. This file will be removed in the very near future.

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One Of These Things...

You guys know the Sesame Street© song right? Vaya has asked me a long time ago to come up with eight statements about myself, one of them being false, and ask you guys to guess which one it was. In no order of importance, here they are…

Which one is false?

  1. I was once a member of a neighbourhood gang.
  2. I am “semi-dextrous” - I don’t know whether I’m right or left handed.
  3. I failed five out of nine subjects in secondary school.
  4. I have liked only one girl my entire life.
  5. I love the mocha frap at Zouk.
  6. I carry a knife almost everywhere.
  7. I have never been to a disco.
  8. I was valedictorian in secondary school.

Leave your answers in the comments section below, and I’ll post the results pretty soon.

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