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Bending Over Backwards

It’s been a really cold day. This morning was the first time I ever walked to school in snow. One could argue that the flakes were mutant raindrops rather than snowflakes, but in Arizona we’re thrilled even to have rain. Min and I were reluctant to head to the school’s concert hall at night even though we had tickets to watch the National Acrobats of China. We had bought those tickets so long ago, and the wet and cold outdoors were not half as inviting as the inside of a blanket.

I’m glad we got our butts frozen. It was well worth it. We may have watched all these antics on television before, but seeing it live is so different. I couldn’t help but go “wah lao!” at many of the stunts these acrobats pulled off. There were quite a number of audible “ohmyGodwhatishe/shetryingtodo’s” in the audience sitting around me. The interesting thing was that there were parts of the show where they deliberately messed up, only to have a twist right at the end that showed you that they were in control after all. You know how the audience likes to think themselves superior. There’s nothing like feeding their ego, then later revealing to them that it was dogfood all along. smirks

Five thousand years of civilization. Guess we really know how to throw a party. Alcohol’s for plebians. We spin china on sticks and juggle Ming vases with our heads. That’s one test to see if you can really control your liquor.
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Wowie! You are Velvet! Mysterious and seductive, you like being in charge and in control. You’re the trendy popular goddess and you love every minute of attention that you get, baby.

Erm….I don’t think so.

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Salesmen in Boxers

We bought this George Foreman Grill a few months ago and it has turned out to be one of the best investments we’ve made. It grills meat on both sides at once, so the chances of overcooking it is reduced. It’s supposedly more healthy to cook this way, but good old George does a pretty good impression of Santa Claus if you ask me. With a grill like this, who needs an iMac?

Ok ok…I wish I had a Mac iPod though.

Open the transparent plastic top and there’s a bun warmer. I haven’t tried sitting on it, I don’t think it’s very hygenic.

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We The Citizens Of...

Tell me if I’m being too harsh.

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Home Blues

Being physically detatched away from Singapore, it is hard to know what people back home think about the whole Fateha fiasco. The religious repercussions of the 9-11 terrorist attack took a little while to surface, but I had feared it would. Yet while reading this article about how Muslim girls were told to leave National Schools because their parents wanted them to wear the tudung due to religious convictions, I cannot help but wonder why this religious freedom is taken away from them. One of the reasons cited was that other students in other schools would soon follow suit. Is it because of inconvenience that we curb other people’s religious beliefs?

Another reason given by the Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was that it was more an issue of integration. That it would be harder for students to “mix and integrate” with each other were these difference in the way. I am not an anti-government citizen, and I appreciate the many things they have done over Singapore’s history, but this has got to be one of the weakest reasons I’ve ever seen for mass-conformity. I can spot an Indian half a mile away, unless he does a Michael Jackson-like transformation. Yet this doesn’t in any way hinder me from having an Indian as one of my best friends.

It is this denial that people come in all shapes, sizes and colours that breeds ignorance and discrimination. How many GEPpers live their little lives, never knowing that there are people of the same age who have to work to support their siblings. Our academic elite are not educated in any sense of the word. Show them the multiplicious colour of life, that they might appreciate it, rather than fear it.

I’d appreciate it if you guys back home could give me some feedback on the impact of the issue. It affects me quite deeply.

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Weird Intentions

It’s always interesting to see the efficiency of search engines, and their ability to bring us objective data. Some unwitting person surfed into Tribolum through Yahoo looking for the last photo of Elvis. This is what it pointed to. Many still think it’s kinda gross, but Nutella is yummy.

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Right After All

For those of you who do not yet know how the nick Electrin came about, here’s the lowdown - I had wanted to type Electron, but my pre-IRC typing skills were pretty darn bad, so I ended up with Electrin and stuck to it. It’s apparently a real word. Found it in this article. Phew, I’m not that clueless after all.

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Water In Your Hand

These are some of the kids I had in my group when I helped out in Junior Camp in December 2001. It’s amazing how children can make one laugh. There are so many times I wish we didn’t have to grow up. I wish I could somehow protect their innocence, and shield them from the harshness of reality that lay ahead.

Many of us have held in our hearts the burning desire to change the world in which we live - to somehow create a utopia out of this mess. We furrow our brows and face the world head on, yet our own hearts fail us when we see how daunting and enormous the task that lies before us. Yet many have given up the quest of their youth, and now hold their heads low, wanting to change the world no longer, and simply content that the world leave them alone.

I fear, that I too may give up the fight. I fear that my eyes may fail me, and that I may see the vision no more. The possibility of living this quest in futility is very real. The task of changing the world seems almost like holding water in one’s hand. Yet in the laughter of our children I find new strength, and I hold my fingers together even more tightly.

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The “For You” page has a new entry.

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20/20, Or 6/6

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart, naught be all else to me, save that Thou art. Thou my best thought, by day or by night. Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my Light. Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise. Thou my inheritance now and always. Thou and Thou only, first in my heart. High King of heaven, my treasure Thou art. High King of heaven, my victory won. May I reach heaven’s joys, O bright heaven’s Sun! Heart of my own heart, whatever befall Still be my vision, O Ruler of all.

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I miss Holden Caulfield

I miss Holden Caulfield.

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Shattered Dreams?

Chess prodigy at 8. Mathematician specialising in geometry at 10. Write critically-acclaimed collection of short stories at 14. Dunk the basketball at 17. Be a fighter pilot at 20. Lead in a Broadway Musical at 22. Partner at law firm at 27.

Develop superhuman strength. Learn telekinesis (move things with mind power). Soar through the air like a bird.

Computer geek at 25. Still can’t dunk the basketball.

Somewhere along the way, childhood dreams die and reality sets in. What were yours?

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More Than Meets The Eye

Watched The Royal Tenenbaums last week. I don’t know what possessed my sister to suggest the show. The trailer offered a slightly off-beat humour. It was not a romantic comedy nor was it an action flick. It was hardly found in any reviews. But I’m really glad she did. It was one of those rare shows that seemed so pointless and so shallow to those who didn’t bother to delve into its deeper meanings, or notice the little clues along the way. It was a movie that screened like a book. What’s even more amazing is that the screenplay was co-written by Owen Wilson. Yup, the same Owen Wilson who farted in a bathtub opposite Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon’s outtakes. He also co-wrote Rushmore, which has the same feel and depth to it.

All I can say is watch it. Don’t see it, but watch it. Carefully.

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Poor, But Rich

My Internet connection went down for two whole days, and it was an interesting existence without it. Reading books, sleeping at nine-thirty at night. Things I wish I did more frequently I guess. Well it’s up again, and I have no excuse not to hit the homework. Life’s getting a little too fast for me. Funny thing is, I’m probably going to be in the IT field.

Thanks for your opinions about the ring incident. It’s nice to know that there are gentlemen out there who seem protective over their significant others, even if the other chose not to be significant anymore. I guess to some extent I expected my sister to have chosen to return the ring just because it seemed the right thing to do should she not have wanted anything to do with the guy. laughs I’m dragging this hypothetical situation a little far perhaps.

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Lord Over Rings

Min apparently thinks that guys who ask for engagement rings after relationships don’t work out are jerks. She muttered something about selling the ring etc….and that kinda scares me. Am I being too old-fashioned in my thinking that it ought to be returned?

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Haven’t slept well the past few nights. Probably only six hours over two days. Last night my body decided to zonk out. I was falling asleep walking at Borders. Min was not much better, but we decided to go out anyway to escape the regret of not having used our weekends “fruitfully”. It was a really short excursion. We left at seven and were back by eight. Headed straight for bed, and fell asleep before the first sheep ever hit the gate.

Sleep is a much underrated blessing.

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After 25 hours in the air and four packets of tissue paper later, I arrive at my home away from home. It sucks when you have to travel with a horrid cold. Plus the fact that the air in the aeroplanes (airplanes for you AmericaniZed people) does not help a stuffy/leaky nose. It was my luck that got us selected for what could be every single “random” security check there was along the way. At Seattle this Chinese customs officer smiled and told us the great news. When we tried to explain that we had a connecting flight to catch in twenty minutes he smiled and repeated the great news. That’s Asian bochupness right there.

Anyway, the customs folks went through everything. Underwear, dirty clothes…..the works. I had to take off my shoes a few times in cause my soles had secret compartments where I could store bootleg VCDs in. I applaud their efforts to make air travel safe, and I know that it’s a necessary job in light of what has transpired since. It’s just hard when you’ve been sitting on your butt the last twenty hours and can’t wait to take a nice hot shower. Nothing gets in the way of you and that shower….well, except for that one Chinese customs officer…..oh yeah, and the Caucasian one….and maybe a few of Polynesian roots along the way.

I’m glad my computer’s still running fine, though I feel the urge to upgrade the motherboard and CPU to an Athlon XP2000+. After all, Louelle (my youngest sister back home in Singapore) just got a spanking new P4 1.7 Ghz. Mine barely touches 500 Mhz. I’m thankful though. At least I don’t have to use a dialup.

Ah….the little things in life.

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Sorry for the failure to update the page or details about a proposed meeting. With the website creation thing going on my last two days in Singapore are absolutely packed - wished I had more time for more people. Anyway, if you will…

Monday 7:30pm Suntec City Outside a bridal shop opposite of Carrefour (ground floor)

If you intend to meet tomorrow, drop me a comment below so I know who’s coming. Guess I’ll wear my Cabaret T-shirt. It says “Inside here life is beautiful” on the back. Wish I could meet many of you individually. We have so many stories to share.

Till then.

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Life Without QWERTY

Coming home to Singapore meant a break from my ergonomic split keyboard, fast Internet access and computer games. Frankly, I’ve been so busy these past two weeks that even sleep had to take a back seat. It is interesting to note that I did not suffer from Internet deprivation as once feared, though I did miss updating my blog and communicating with you all. In fact, I had loads more time to do things I had always wanted to do. I was able to do some intensive reading, as well as writing letters (not emails). Though I’ve made many friends on the net, it is easy to neglect the ones that are around you when your head’s stuck in front of a screen twenty-four seven. I’m glad I took the time off.

I resolve to take a more active part in things when I get back to Arizona. I’ll just have to choose my computer games carefully, rather than playing the entire gamut of them I have on my hands simultaneously. There are so many people to touch, so many things to do. There’s a world to change.

I’m a little more free now that Junior Camp is over, and I’d like to meet some of you before I leave for Arizona again, that is, if you want to. I guess the only way you can contact me is if you drop some means of contacting you in the comments below. I’ll come to the library to check my site and we’ll arrange something. I hope to.

God’s grace be with you all.

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