Making Light of Things

Bachelor's Night

While most people spend their last days of bachelorhood partying, I spent mine relatively quietly without breaking anything special or out of the normal routine. I start work at a full-time job tomorrow, and somehow today felt more “bachelor-nightish” than the night before my wedding day.

I played basketball this afternoon, then headed to Faith’s parents’ place for dinner and a screening of The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers. Now I’m home, happy and a little excited about work tomorrow. I can’t say I know what to expect, but I definitely want to try my best at whatever I do.

You can count on me to continue blogging though. The very act of writing out my thoughts has become a faithful companion these few years, and it has brought me better clarity and new-found friends.

Mark, Kris and I will be walking the New Paper Big Walk this weekend. That should be fun.