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Bouncing Baby Part Deux

Anne dancing, now with new moves!

On My Own

Wow. This is some flu bug. I feel like someone hit me smack in my face with a bag of bricks. We arranged for Anne to stay at her grandparents’ along with Faith, so I’m home alone, with “Puddle of Grace” playing on iTunes.

In other news, the 17” Macbook Pro is now for sale. The 13 incher rumoured to be slated for launch in a few months will definitely fuel the temptation to upgrade. I’m still currently running on my 12” 867mhz for work. I’m no qualms bringing my own gear to work, but when upgrading is required, I feel the pinch paying for hardware and software I use for someone elses’ benefit. It’s not that my employers have always asked me to come with my own equipment, but having run my own business for a while, I’ve streamlined the way I work, the software I use and even the dual monitor setup for cross-browser testing. So far in all my jobs I’ve been breaking new ground, so there haven’t been any established methods of working to adhere to.

I never thought of myself as a civil servant, but this afternoon in a drug-induced semi-coma I thought to myself, “I like my job”. And it’s true too. I like it that I don’t face management resistance when it comes to implementing web standards. My bosses know that I make user experience my main priority - that I really do want to create tools that’ll help educators in Singapore do their job.

Oh, for those of you who don’t already know - I work for the Ministry of Education in Singapore. Yes I know that the website doesn’t validate and isn’t semantically coded. We’ll be working on the internet revamp sometime later this year. I’ve managed to move a major portion of the intranet to a more standards-compliant state. It’s tough to keep things clean when you have more than a hundred people of varying degrees of tech-savvy putting up content on a content management system that sometimes doesn’t play fair.

Ok, I’ve got a fever and cold to feed / starve.

Miyagi Found!

HOLY FREAKAZOIDS!!!! The 3 Singaporeans who went in search of the “Karate Master” in rural Japan and subsequently got lost on a mountainside found the bugger!!!

Someone get Jerry Bruckheimer’s number!

Oh Baby

I didn’t mean to scare anyone away from parenting, least of all Joan, whom I’m sure will make an excellent mother. But any parent who gets him or herself involved in bringing up a child will attest to the fact that child-rearing is the hardest thing in the world.

It is also the easiest.

You see, parenting is an incomprehensible paradox. In the last twelve months, Faith and I have found ourselves experiencing new degrees of anger, exploring unchartered waters of tiredness and bearing a burden that seemed more overwhelming than the weight of the world. In this time we have also been so utterly blessed by Anne’s laughter and our days miraculously transformed by her smile.

Just the thought of her bare bottom scooting away to the far side of the bed while we scamper around trying to change her diaper brings out both frustrated furrowed brow and an odd fatherly smile on my face. Even my facial muscles are muddled.

Parenting is living life to the extreme. It widens the emotional gamut. It is no wonder many fathers choose to take a passive role - the constant energy you have to apply to a million different things (all the time changing) seems to be something women are better at. You don’t solve a child. She is not something you fix. The solution you came up with to get her to sleep last week may not work this week. He may like pumpkin today but not tomorrow. You can’t pass him on to the other project manager, or blame the vendor for shoddy work.

Despite the uncertainties, you will find some things certain when it comes to parenting.

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“Here comes the harder part of parenting,” Faith said. “We can’t just love her unconditionally anymore.”

Anne’s birthday went by with me being in a semi-comatose state most of the day. She didn’t sleep very well the night before, which equated to me pretty much not getting any sleep at all. Throw in the side-effects of my thyroid medication, some balloons, tinsel, a house full of people and some cake, you can only imagine the kind of reality-bending nausea I carried around.

Remember the trailer of the movie X-Men? Where Patrick Stewart talks about how evolution occurs slowly, but every million or so years takes a giant leap forward? He was probably talking about Anne on her birthday.

Somehow this young girl, who’d already been learning things at breakneck speed, transformed from relatively good-natured baby to spoilt brat in a single day. She screams for what she wants, complete with tears, ear piercing shrieks that threaten to tear her vocal chords. She contorts her body into impossibly uncarriable positions, slipping out of your grasp so she can scoot to wherever she wants to go.

It’s like Day Three again, only this time it’s intentional.

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April Fools

Just when I thought the April Fool’s Day was over, today’s headlines made me check my calendar twice.

I’m ashamed to come from the same country as the karate kids. Just like the clichéd kungfu novels, these 3 guys aged between 25 - 50 (not exactly kids) head off to Japan to look for a legendary karate master. Then in typical Singaporean fashion they get lost on a snowy mountainside and call for help on their mobile phones. It’s so stupid I only hope it isn’t true.


Anne Smiling

I think Anne wants you to smile - and remember her 1st birthday this Saturday.

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