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Photorealistic Perspective

Great tip on adding dimension to your artwork.

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Web 2.0 how-to design style guide

Great tips on how to make your website look like every other 2.0 site out there.

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Mine is the Sunlight

Ah. The warm glow of morning lighting up the living room. The clanging of bamboo sticks on aluminium as our upstairs neighbour reminds us that there is no subtlety to be found in the hands of people who hang clothes 5 times a day.


It has been raining 4 straight days, and I remember why I chose college in Arizona. Rain is bleak and miserable. It didn’t help that I was made hand puppet to some nation-wide virus that had me paying top and bottom tributes to the porcelain throne multiple times a day. I know I say this much too often for my own good, but I felt like I was going to die.

I lost about 5kg over the few days. I gained new evidence of things I already knew: that tough times draw you closer to God; and that I have the best wife in the world.

Rounded Corner and Gradient Generator

In CSS, no less.

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The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Some places I probably wouldn’t go even if the view was spectacular.

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Sunday Night Action

For our sisters.

Sunday nights is family dinner night at Faith’s place. It’s one of those magical affairs when the whole family is gathered together around Anne and Seth’s endlessly entertaining antics.

Often as illustrated in the video above, the adults will attempt to hold their own conversations while the two kiddos do their own thing. Most of my videos end with either Anne or Seth discovering that they are being taped and insisting on making sure I shot them looking their best.

Anne, being just four months older, is quick to use Seth for her own amusement. - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Looks schweeeet.

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Movabletype on MAMP

For Flycub.

It wasn't too long ago I installed MAMP on my Macbook. Everything worked as advertised - straight out of installation. I popped Joomla!, Expression Engine and WordPress in and they all ran like happy little puppies.

Installing MovableType required me to install DBI in order to have MAMP parse Perl.

Good thing I found Nargalzius' post. His step by step instructions helped a ton. The DBI module was installed.

The DBD::MySQL module, on the other hand, was a royal pain in the behind.

For starters, Nagalzius' post was written more than a year ago and MAMP seems to have evolved quite a bit since then.

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2006 Web Technology Trends

A nice summary of the year.

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Color Theory

Yogi Bear artist Art Lozzi explains some technique.

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Your Love Broke Through

Like a foolish dreamer
trying to build a highway to the sky
all my hopes would come tumbling down
and I never knew just why
until today, when you pulled away the clouds
that hung like curtains on my eyes
Well, I’ve been blind all these wasted years
and I thought I was so wise
but then You took me by surprise

Like waking up from the longest dream
how real it seemed
until Your love broke through
I’ve been lost in a fantasy
that blinded me
until Your love broke through

All my life I’ve been searching for that missing part
and with one touch you just rolled away
the stone that held my heart.
Now I see that the answer was as easy
as just asking You in
and I am so sure I could never doubt
Your gentle touch again
It’s like the power of the wind.

It’s been a while, God.

Thanks for always taking me in.

These are not words

Received an email:

This is NOT SPAM — this is a one-time reciprocal link request. I have NO INTENTION to email you again. You can also reply to this email with REMOVE in the subject line to make sure I’ll NEVER send you any more e-mails in the future.

Maybe some people just want to be doubly sure.

All your base are belong to us

BBC Headline - Minister on Moon talks with Nasa

Extra-terrestrial activity found on moon, but the search for intelligent life continues.

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