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Dear Six Apart,

I’ve used MovableType since you guys started, but nostalgia isn’t an extremely compelling reason. I’d really love to stay. Please tell me you’re working on some really cool stuff for MT.

I’m getting comment spam in the thousands. Anyone out there has a solution?

Miss the Girls

Over the weekend, Faith and I talked quite a bit about how Roger Federer kicked ass. It dawned on me that I’ve married the girl of every boy’s dreams - a wife who’d talk sports and hold her own admirably.

It dawns on me every moment.

I’ll be heading to the army camp for my reservist in a few hours. I already miss Faith and Anne so much it hurts.

Get a clue

The sales of music via the internet has doubled in 2006. It is now a $2b (USD) market.

But the rise, which represents 10% of all sales, has not reached the music companies’ “holy grail” of offsetting the fall in CD sales.

IFPI chairman John Kennedy said: “The pace of transformation in our industry is breathtaking, but at the moment the holy grail is evading us.

I think it’s about time someone told the music industry to take the holy grail and shove it. Back in the “good old days” we were forced by buy loads of crappy music from them because they packaged 1 good song in CDs which had 20 songs. We had to pay for the other 19 which we did not want.

Music executives, the “good old days” are over. Please understand that just because you ripped us off before, it doesn’t mean we’ll let you do it again.

Jumping Hurdles

I’m dog-tired, but in a happy way. It’s been a good week for web standards in Singapore. I gave a talk at Opera Software’s Web Standards Conference alongside mobile web extraordinaire Michael Smith who fascinated me to no end with what he could do with the Opera Browser.

I’m a believer.

Just a few hours ago we had the first Web Standards Group meetup. It totally rocked. The geek vibe was definitely there. Talent met ideas; I actually had to shoo people out of the auditorium at 10pm.

The question quite a number of people asked was, “so when’s the next meetup?”

I take that as a compliment - that the meetup went well.

Soon as I get my strength back. I promise.

No Eye Phone

A few hours before the iPhone was announced, I bought a Nokia e61. The purchase was largely spurred on by my upcoming reservist training and the army’s insistence that no image-capturing devices be brought into military installations.

Instructions on how to make the Nokia e61 sync with iSync can be found on the Nokia e61 blog.

Thanks to MacTomster for the plugin!

Gone Zune

I’m sitting here getting live updates on Steve Job’s keynote via Mac Rumors Live. He’s announcing the new full-screen, touchscreen video iPod / iPhone, and I’m wondering what the Microsoft Zune folks are thinking while watching this.

Social Butterflies

Last Saturday, we met up and played gods in our little social media sandbox. No one paid much attention, not even after we took out our toys.

Gadgets Galore

Happy New Year

Lord, You ask us to look up. It is so hard; so heavy.


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