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My dearest Faith, my best friend, my beautiful wife.

Thank you so much for the past 11 years of marriage. It still feels like we’re still in our teens, holding hands and figuring God’s will for our lives together.

I don’t ever want to grow up. Let’s stay right here. Always.

365 Days

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since Joshie’s arrival. The initial days of taking care of an infant demand an almost unconditional surrender of your most basic human rights, whether it be sleep, food or leisure.

Joshie at birth

Before Joshie, we were at a stage where Caleb was finally getting a little more independent. Date nights were possible, and having another baby meant starting everything anew. But it seemed that God was calling us to plan less and trust more. It wasn’t a natural inclination to obey, but it was a step of faith and divine providence that brought Joshie into our lives.

The last few weeks have been especially trying as the flu bug made its rounds within our family. Joshie in particular has gone down a number of times, his fever hitting the grand 40 degrees Celsius at one point. In the midst of this parched and barren stretch that has pushed us to the point of complete exhaustion, there have been little spots of reprieve amidst prayer.

We had committed to going for church camp earlier in June this year, and I was supposed to help out with the youth programme. But the weeks just before camp the whole family fell ill. We were at the paediatrician the day before flying over the Kuala Lumpur, unsure if it were wise for Joshie to spend a week away from home. But in the end, we packed up a whole bag full of medication (and a huge nebuliser) and had a week of good fellowship with many other parents.

Joshie’s health held up; Anne and Caleb were the very best helpers.

Things were looking up for a while, but Joshie fell ill again and even right now, is still running a temperature. The last few nights - I laugh a little when I say “few; it feels like months - have been spent monitoring, medicating and cleaning up vomit.

So with all the night duties, Faith and I were pretty exhausted as it approached his birthday. Thank God for Joshie’s super aunts who put together a party, baked a rainbow cake and even roped Anne in to help with decorating the cake.

Super Aunt!

Super Aunt!

Truly, truly, it takes a village to raise a child, and we have been very blessed to be so close to so many family members who love our children so much.

With grandparents

With grandparents


We don’t know how long it’ll be until Joshie gets totally well, but we’ll take it one day at a time — God’s mercies are new every morning.

Joshie smiling at his birthday party

The three amigos

Happy birthday little one.

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